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This PUSH Her Network Segments connected to the Annual West Coast Hip Hop Awards Convention event will be presented in a traditional event setting in collaboration with a yearly media campaign online, along with other formal media outlets giving partners, collaborators, investors and sponsors an opportunity to share a long term presence of their product or service in major exposure vehicles alongside of the brands connected to the event. “The Community Wellness” and “Female Empowerment Segment” will bring an element of awareness, while promoting a safe space for females in and or around Hip Hop, and the prevention of violence, poverty and female empowerment.  

This 10th year ceremony will go out with an Explosion at The Scottish Rite Center Oakland, CA and after awards mixer and all female review show (Fogline Bar & Grill, Hayward) has been predicted to be one of the best ever. We know how important it is for the unified efforts of creating a well community, and excited to present sponsorship, collaborations and cross branding opportunities to give your brand, product or service higher visibility and/or more brand integrity.  For more information or contact feel free to call 707 655 7211, 888 436 0574 or  

ABOUT PUSH Her NETWORK The PUSH (Her) Network is an organization that empowers, unites and inspires females in community, entrepreneurship technology and in and around Hip Hop bridging the gap. Our objective is to create a safe platform for females to showcase and develop their talents in Hip Hop, while empowering them with the tools to be lead and be well within their whole self.  The PUSH Her Network was found by The Legendary First Lady ‘SUGA-T” ( who helped paved the way for females in Hip Hop today in collaboration with other female influencers who are leading ladies in their industries with the same interest of the wellness, poverty and limited presence of females in industries where males are mostly favored

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