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Toys will become useless, if children's innocence is lost. We live in a world where sexually abused children is at an all time high, 100 million a year, Globally. Every 2 minute’s a child is abused, 1 out of 4 boys and 1 out of 6 girls with 90% of them knowing their abuser. The U.S. Justice bureau of Statistics reports, Parents are committing 80% of these crimes. Trafficking for sex is as big as drug smuggling, kids are packed and shipped like cargo.


The time is now for all of us to make a stance for our future generation of children. We need to become aware of the Tell Tell Signs so we can rescue, save, and provide long term care for these heinous crimes afflicted on our children so they don’t grow up to become part of the 33% of men and 42% of women damaged from the effects of unaddressed abuse. Our Goal is to build and provide safe havens for our children’s safety. Please help us by donating to our cause, and remember: Somebody can’t help Everybody, but Everybody can help Somebody

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